who is John Kemmler, to whom the first episode of season 4 pays tribute?

At the end of the first episode of season 4 of 9-1-1 , broadcast on M6 on Thursday August 26, the series pays tribute to a certain John Kemmler. But who is it?


This Thursday, August 26, season 4 of 9-1-1 is finally launched on M6. An evening that starts strong, with a first episode, spectacular and not to be missed under any circumstances , filled with tension because the dam holding back the Hollywood reservoir collapses, leaving the fate of Athena ( Angela Bassett, who claims to have better control the danger thanks to the series ) outstanding. At the end of this new episode, the series pays a touching tribute to a certain John Kemmler. The tribute, accompanied by a photo of the latter, soberly says: ” In memory of John Kemmler, 1958 – 2020 “. But who was he?

Who was John Kemmler, to whom 9-1-1 season 4 pays tribute?

A member of the 9-1-1 team , John Kemmler was a production driver and thus made it possible to deliver equipment so that the filming of the fiction could take place without pitfalls. He lived for a long time in Long Beach, Los Angeles. He died on August 22, 2020 after contracting Covid-19. he had a wife, Maria, and three children. After he was admitted to the hospital, his relatives set up a fundraiser to help cover the medical costs. As of January 19, 2021, the campaign has raised more than $45,000 (about 38,000 euros).

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