Silvina Luna clarified her relationship with Floppy Tesouro’s ex and threw it spicy: “He’s my soulmate”

Much has been said and affirmed in recent weeks. And she, finally, after not wanting to, came out to show her face: there is talk, of course, of Silvina Moonwho was said to have had a torrid affair with Rodrigo Fernandez Prieto the former of Floppy Treasure who separated a few months ago, but she cried a little because she already walks hand in hand with her millionaire boyfriend around the world.

However, tired of the versions, Silvina Moon clarified what his relationship is with the ex of Floppy Treasure: “Rodrigo has been my soulmate since we met twenty years ago, and I am deeply grateful to him because he gave me the opportunity to get to know this wonderful and transformative place,” began the vedette who knew how to work with Gerardo Sofovich among many others in the world of theater.

“Not only me but a group of very close friends, who have been coming to this dream place in Bocas del Toro, Panama for 5 years. What happened to Floppy? I had a good relationship with Florencia during her marriage to Rodrigo, but after her I didn’t see her anymore. She is a great person and I wish her the best.” said in a chat with The nation.


The former Big Brother from Rosario gave details of her new life as a couple in the Caribbean: “While on the island I met a beautiful person who does not live here and I am starting a new relationship, looking for spaces and times to meet”, he claimed.

Regarding her future in Panama, Silvina Luna acknowledged: “Yes, in the summer, I went to Bocas del Toro to rest for a few days and I felt that there was an opportunity to develop my personal and professional projects from there and I stayed. I’m not living on the island, but I’m spending some time.”


The former vedette and TV panelist gave more details of these projects: “I am very active on my social networks (@silvinalunaoficial), sharing my travels, interests and values ​​that I feel today and I would like to join projects that are in resonance with that”.

In a pandemic I decided to share a personal project that had been in the making for a long time. It is about @simpleyconsciente, a holistic space, where transformative experiences for personal development are offered”, assured.

“20 years ago I started in the media and I had the opportunity to work on many different projects and with continuity all these years. So I see all my way with gratitude, as a great learning and wanting to go for more. I am not far from the media, only that I am living in another country, for the moment “ended up in The Nation.

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