“Sasmos” – Dimitris Lalos: “The murderer of Angelos will be revealed” – What he said about the big premiere – VIDEO

“Sasmos” starts again today and Dimitris Lalos, who plays Mathios, talked about what is expected in the second cycle of the series. “We had to leave you with question marks to start the season again strongly. We’ve been working so hard, we almost didn’t stop filming, just a little bit in the summer. We feel a very strong responsibility towards the audience that has loved us so much. I’ve experienced it all, from absolute love to being looked at from afar and turned away,” he told Happy Day.

“The series continues from where we left off. Since it’s the premiere and I know the world is watching right now, let’s let the world rejoice today because half the joy is the anticipation of the development,” he said. “Developments will come organically. You will definitely see at some point who murdered Aggelos” he added about the developments in Sasmos.

When asked if Mathios will pay for his sins, Dimitris Lalos said that “he is a tragic character because what he wanted, the woman he loves, has been taken away with blood. There must be some cleansing and there will be. The characters next to him will try to support him as long as they can.”

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