“Psychiatric problems”: rapper Bigflo looks back on his deep depression and makes astonishing revelations

"Psychiatric problems": rapper Bigflo looks back on his deep depression and makes astonishing revelations

Bigflo confided in the podcast entitled Canapé Six Places and produced by Léna Situations on November 17th. The young man spoke of a period of his life which was very complicated.

Bigflo and Oli are rappers very popular with the French. They are on the front of the stage since the release of their first album in 2015. The two brothers have had a string of successes and they will soon be on the bill for the new season of The Voice. Indeed, they take the place of Marc Lavoine in the red armchair. On November 17, it was the eldest, Florian, who confided in the podcast Canapé Six Places, produced by Léna Situations. This interview allowed him to look back on a period of his life which was very complicated. “I had a huge burnout, medical genre you see. Because I find that we use this word very lightly”, he first explained before providing details. “I really messed up, he continued, adding that he consulted a psychologist with his brother. “I had psychiatric problems. I felt like I was locked inside me. I no longer had control of what I was doing and I saw that what I was doing was hurting everyone and it was hurting me… and I couldn’t stop this kind of demon“, continues Florian.

This interview was an opportunity for Bigflo to be very transparent about his deep depression. Without realizing it, his condition declined over the days until he “freaked out completely“, he remembered. This time, he was in the car with his brother Oli and he claims to have “put our lives in danger“. Indeed, Florian specifies: “I was doing crazy stuff and biting my arm at the same time until I bled. I had the presence to say ‘Oli get out of there’, so I dropped him somewhere, and just kept riding like crazy.”, he continued before adding: “I came home and I collapsed in technical knockout mode. In the end I was shaking on the ground, I had to call my father“. A moment that marked him a lot and which he describes today as “breaking point“since this was his trigger and it pushed him to act and take control of himself. His burn-out is not the first time that Bigflo has mentioned it in complete transparency. In the columns of the Parisian in 2019, he revealed that the main problem was “this kind of rhythm, exhilarating and motivating but exhaustingthat we established between us, the artists and the new scene“. If the life of an artist makes more than one dream of it, it is not always easy.

Bigflo and Oli: why did they take a break from their musical career?

Bigflo and Oli have met with great success for several years and it was very difficult for them to stop. So in 2019 they announced their intention to take a break in order to return to form, two years later. “It’s a mental fatigue, it never stops. It’s something we never talk about between artists, it’s a bit taboo“, had explained the two brothers in the columns of the Parisian. A pace that they could no longer bear, especially since they are very present on social networks and they have immense pressure. “Even cutting off the telephone for three days is difficult. The pressure of the Internet and networks has become so strongwith more and more people and more views”, they had indicated, ensuring that they did not want to disappoint their fans. “Meanwhile, there are always forty people waiting for our green light for everything by email or telephone.“, they concluded. A necessary break that allowed them to take time for themselves.

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