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FlexCar is a Greek company active in vehicle leasing with the Car-as-a-Service philosophy, offering flexible leasing solutions.

With her model FlexCarindividuals, freelancers and businesses can acquire the car, scooter or business van that suits their needs, simply, easily and without paperwork, combining the benefits and full coverage of traditional leasing with absolute flexibility.

Paying only one monthly subscription, you enjoy using your vehicle and FlexCar takes care of everything else! In particular, the fixed monthly rent covers full gross insurance, road tax, the servicethe change tires and all scheduled vehicle maintenance costs. You just take care of the gas! The main advantage is that with the open contract of use, the FlexCar puts an end to long-term commitments. You really keep the vehicle for as long as you need it, while you even have the option of returning the car when you wish and the option of buying orexchange with a new one each 2 years.

In contrast, with most long-term lease programs, at FlexCar the acquisition of a new car is done without a down payment. Only a minimum initial outlay – the FlexDeposit – is required, which is calculated as a discount on the future purchase of the vehicle or returned to you if completed 36 months subscription.

When it comes to your options, FlexCar’s fleet includes carefully selected vehicles – brand new or in excellent condition, with minimal mileage and prompt delivery. Based on sustainable mobility and “green” technologies, at FlexCar you will find a wide range of new generation low-consumption engines, drive systems and versions, as well as a multitude of hybrids and electrical vehicles for every preference.

At FlexCar your needs are always at the center and the well-trained staff of the company is always at your side to provide solutions to every request. You’re just enjoying one carefree experience of use and personalized service, which overturns everything you knew about car leasing!

In her booth FlexCar at Mobility you will find Lexus UX-300e E/A 150 kWl 204hp (Business) 2022 (WHITE) and Ford Mustang GT MACH‐E RWD 98KWH 500hp (GRAY). It is also possible to test drive the Fiat 500 models (La Prima Hatchback), Opel Astra GS Line (PHEV) και Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (CVT INTENSE 4WD).

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