LaFerrari is destroyed in a guardrail (+video)

The value of the Ferrari LaFerrari has just gone up as there is one less out there after yet another accident that destroyed one in the Philippines.

Her guide LaFerrari he skids in the rain and hits a guard rail, destroying the €3 million supercar.

Wondering what led to this result? Well, so did we, when we saw her picture Ferrari, Posted in supercar.fails, no no information at all except that it happened in the Philippines. With a little more digging we found a short video with the aftermath, which was uploaded at the beginning of the month.

The video was shot shortly after she was hit LaFerrari and shows a policeman next to the car making sure no one stops to “admire” the wreckage, for safety reasons. The low quality of the clip prevents us from seeing the damage, but it appears that the car hit the guardrail, damaging the front of it.

It has probably suffered other damages, which will cost a lot of money to repair.

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