Ilenia Williams: Her post one month after her father’s death

A photo from the past was “unearthed” by Ilenia Williams, with her father, Robert, who passed away about a month ago.

The singer and music composer breathed his last at the age of 73, plunging the artistic world into mourning, as well as his loved ones.

His daughter, Ilenia Williams, tries after the loss of her beloved father, to return to her everyday life and reconcile, but she doesn’t stop thinking about him.

A few hours ago, she published on her personal Instagram account a snapshot, in which she can be seen with her father, during her childhood.

In her, Robert Williams gives her a kiss on the cheek, while she looks at the camera. Ilenia accompanied the photo with a white heart.

Check out her post:

Ilenia Williams: Her post one month after her father's death

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