Documentary “burns” Shakira: She fired an employee who refused to heat her chicken late at night (vid)

In addition to the divorce from Pique, Shakira also has to deal with what was said about her by her former employees.

One documentary which focused on the charges against her Shakira for tax fraud, brings to light and moments from the private and her professional life.

According to this documentary, the famous singer has quite a few quirks and has fired her employee because he refused to heat up a piece of chicken for her.

In particular, a married couple, former employees of Shakira, gave an interview to the show “Equipo de Investigacion” and did not speak in the best words about her, “reporting” her bad behavior.

This former employee also told her about the chicken incident:

«When it was late at night, the clerk was very tired and Shakira asked him to heat up some chicken and he told her, “The truth is, I can’t do it anymore, I’m not going to heat up the chicken, I cook for 17 people all day , I can’t do it anymore.” “Then Shakira said to him, ‘If you’re not good for this, you’re not good for anything else,’ and then he was fired. It was a shock that Shakira fired her staff for a piece of chicken. They weren’t just domestic workers, but they were cooks, chauffeurs and those who arranged for the maintenance of the house It was really a very strong demand“, he said on the show.

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