Big eye and scratches on the neck against the door

Big eye and scratches on the neck Always new twists in the fierce war of roses between Johnny Depp (58) and Amber Heard (36).

On the eleventh day of the trial, bodyguard Malcolm Connolly exonerated the alleged “housewife bully”, as the British tabloid “The Sun” called Depp in the course of the first trial in 2020.

The minder, who was videoed into the Virginia courtroom, said it was Heard who was often “quarrelsome” after a harmonious initial phase. She would have made outrageous demands, which Depp met with calm or apathy. Most recently he would have registered “increasing coldness” between the two.

When asked about a photo taken on the ex-couple’s honeymoon in Thailand in 2013, Connolly referred to swelling under Depp’s left eye. His admission “as if he had walked into a door or a door against him” led to laughter in the courtroom.

He would have seen Depp with “scratches” or “swelling” more and more often. Heard, on the other hand, would never have noticed any injuries. That would be consistent with previous statements by Johnny Depp, who had accused his ex-wife of a “need for violence”. In the first trial between the two, he testified that Heard threw a vodka bottle at him in 2015. In this action, Depp’s middle finger was badly damaged.

“He’s not a drunkard”

Big eye and scratches on the neck
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard together in 2016

The bodyguard also commented on Depp’s drug use. marijuana yes But he would not have noticed any other substances or larger amounts of alcohol; Depp had already spoken about his addictions in court. “He’s not a drunkard,” says Connolly.

Next in the witness chair was auditor Edward White, who had worked for Depp for six years. White appeared when the ex-couple divorced. He recapitulated Heard’s money demands at the time. The sum rose from four to seven million dollars. In addition, Depp should pay her lawyers $ 500,000. Most recently, a sum of 14 million dollars was in the room. He also reported princely wine bills of $160,000, which would have dropped to “near zero” after Heard split.

The managing director of the American Civil Rights Union ACLU also continued to cast a bad light on Heard. After Depp’s divorce, the actress announced that she would donate around $7 million to two charities. One of them was the ACLU. Managing Director Dougherty now explained that the organization never received the promised $3.5 million, only a much smaller partial sum. Heard would have sent only $350,000, topped up by a $100,000 sum from Johnny Depp and $500,000 from her ex-partner Elon Musk.

The original ten-year plan that Heard was supposed to donate $350,000 each year never materialized. It ended in 2018. Heard justified the stoppage of payments with “financial problems”.

Amber Heard will comment on the statements made by the bodyguard and auditor when she appears in court next week. There’s a lot of fuel in the air as Big eye and scratches on the neck.


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