Catwalk supermodel 60-70 Lauren Hutton recently posed for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine for the May issue. With a photo covering her chest with her hands, naked and with a shoulder jacket, Lauren gave an interview where she told about her first steps in this field and mentioned that when she started, she worked for 50 dollars a week.

However, with hard work and excessive perseverance, the 78-year-old managed to become one of the most sought-after models of the time.

My first job was for Christian Dior. I was paid $ 50 a week.

To secure her professional future, she signed a contract that allowed her to work for as long as she could.

It was the biggest contract ever signed in fashion history. At least for that period.

Despite the years that have passed and her appearance, which no longer fits the modern standards of modeling, Lauren categorically refuses to “stain” her image with new trends.

When I started taking some pictures with Steven Meisel, I told her I was not going to do anything to look younger. And then he came back and said, ‘I love you and that’s why we work together’.

The reason, which is against operations, is that according to her interventions alienate you. Finally, talking about the secrets of her beauty, but also the skin she preserves to this day, Lauren Hutton says:

I usually rush to bed at dinner, either to make love or to read.